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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Our Flanders Adventure IV: Loos Memorial

Harry Dickman, Lancashire Fusiliers.
Our next stop on our Flanders journey was Loos Memorial (Dud Corner) in France, where the deaths of two of my great-uncles are commemorated. Harry and Herbert Dickman both volunteered to serve in 1915, but were killed within a few weeks of each other in 1916. Their bodies were never found.

This was a very moving moment for me as I have wanted to visit their memorials and pay my respects for a long time.

I felt sad when my visit was over, but the Loos Memorial seems a very fitting last resting place for my relatives as they were both Lancashire miners.

Harry Dickman, Loos Memorial panel, Lancs Fusiliers.
Dud Corner is sited in a mining area, and immense coal spoil heaps loom large on the horizon. But you can hear the birds singing, and the cemetery is bright with flowers.

Loos Memorial

Herbert Dickman, Loos Memorial panel, Royal Fusiliers.

Original modern photos © Sue Wilkes.
Photo of Harry Dickman in uniform published by kind permission of Mandy Taylor (to whom copyright is reserved). I am very grateful indeed to Mandy for letting me include this lovely photo of our ancestor. 


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