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Monday, 7 February 2011

Save Our Libraries!

When I was growing up, my local library was a real treasure trove. Books opened up a whole new world of possibilities and introduced me to the wonderful world of literature and many authors I might not otherwise  have read. Now it seems libraries are seen as a soft target for councils desperate to save cash owing to the government cuts. Saturday was Save Our Libraries Day.Some argue that keeping library services means that services for vulnerable persons will suffer as a result, but are councils searching hard enough to make savings elsewhere?
Libraries are not just about being able to borrow books - they are a hub for local communities as well as a cultural haven. Parents who want to teach their children how to read find them an invaluable resource, especially if funds are tight. Once libraries in rural areas have been axed, it is most unlikely they will ever re-open.
In Cheshire, millions of pounds were wasted dismantling Cheshire County Council so it could be split up and and rebranded as two separate councils - that money could have been put to far better use for maintaining front-line services.
If you want to help keep your local libraries, there's a campaign by the Bookseller magazine supported by many eminent authors including Philip Pullman. You can also visit the Voices for the Library blog here.

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