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Friday, 11 February 2011

Protecting Our Historic Sites

Britain's historic sites are not just at risk from vandalism or neglect, but are being stripped of any valuable materials they contain. Some people have no pride in or respect for our heritage. I can't help wondering whether this is owing to a lack of education - the history curriculum nowadays seems far more narrow in scope than when I went to school.


Southerner said...

Yes, Sue I think there is definitely a lack of knowledge and understanding. Schools probably need to highlight the importance of our Historic sites more and take children to them more often.
However,I think society as a whole needs to emphasise their importance too. There are quite a few archaeological, historical based TV programmes around but they appeal to a middle class well educated following.
What can be done to be more inclusive?

Your books help greatly Sue. Who do you see as your readership?

All the best,

Sue Wilkes said...

When I have had feedback from readers, they mostly just seem to have been interested in their local history anyway, perhaps because they grew up in the area or had ancestors there.
I think the TV programmes on history and archaeology are a great help with educating the public, but as you say it depends on getting the message across to the right target audience to make a difference.