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Monday, 17 November 2014

Does Every Picture Tell A Story?

Bridge St, Port Sunlight.
'Every picture tells a story', as the old saying goes  - but is it really the story that you think it is? I was intrigued by this old postcard (left), which I bought recently. The caption reads 'Colleens Dancing, Ballymaclinton (McClinton's Town, erected by the makers of McClinton's Soap)'. I hadn't heard of Ballymaclinton, but surmised that it might be a town built for factory workers by their employer, like  Saltaire, New Lanark or Port Sunlight. However, after a little research online, I found that Ballymaclinton was an advertising gimmick for a soap firm! This fake village was one of the star attractions of the Franco-British Exhibition of 1908. I thought that the 'colleens dancing' looked very posed - and the houses were amazingly white and clean. But it's still a fun postcard for my collection!

 Photo © Sue Wilkes.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting, postcards are such a great source for social history.

Sarah M. Fredericks said...

Hi Sue,
What a wonderful postcard! I agree that it looks a little "staged," but it does not detract from its charm and appeal. It almost looks like a Lowry painting. Like you, I love old postcards; I use them as bookmarks. They are little snapshots in time. Thank you for sharing this one.

Sue Wilkes said...

Thank you both! When time permits I'll be sharing some more postcards from my collection.