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Saturday, 8 November 2014

Austen Variations - And A Book Giveaway!

Today I'm a guest blogger on Austen Variations, courtesy of Jane Odiwe, whose new book Mr Darcy's Christmas Calendar is out now. Austen Variations, a website for writers and readers, focuses on 'Austen-related fiction, the Regency Period and Romance'. My guest post 'Chit-chat and Quarterly Reviews' looks at reading habits in Jane Austen's day.  There's a competition to win a free copy of my new book A Visitor's Guide To Jane Austen's England, so do take time to leave a comment - it's free to enter!
The lucky winner will be announced on the Austen Variations Facebook page on 15 November.

Title page of the Lady's Monthly Museum.
Tottenham High Cross in 1805, Gentleman's Magazine April 1820.

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