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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Not long now!

It's less than a month to publication day for The Children History Forgot! Over the next few weeks I'll be discussing the many different jobs done by children in Georgian and Victorian times. Children worked in a huge variety of industries, not just in cotton factories or down coal mines.

Images: Lancashire child miners - 1842 Report on Mines.
A little girl working in a cotton factory. Engraving by G.P. Jacomb Hood. (1857-1929.) Grindon’s Lancashire.


Southerner said...

Sue, I will find a copy of one of your books somewhere. You sound amazing.I just want to read one of your publications.

Just off to Morocco with the family, or rather some of them, Emily , Abigail and my wife, Marilyn.
Sam is off to China, doing some TEFL. Alice is working at a local Holiday Inn for the Summer holidays before she goes back to Newport, University of Wales in September.

Sue Wilkes said...

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, Tony. I hope you have a wonderful time on holiday with your family. You must be very pleased that your children have found some jobs in these difficult times.