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Friday, 29 October 2010

The Children History Forgot

I am very pleased and excited to announce my book on child workers, 'The Children History Forgot', has been accepted by Robert Hale and is now going through the production stages!

The book was originally titled 'Stolen Childhoods', but we belatedly discovered there is another book with a very similar title by another author (with a different historical slant) due out next year.

'The Children History Forgot' will tell the stories of young workers (children and teenagers) during late Georgian and Victorian times in many different industries - from cotton manufacture to candle-making.
I will post an update on my blog as soon as publication date is confirmed.


Jane Odiwe said...

Looking forward to your new book, Sue!

Sue Wilkes said...

Thanks, Jane! I have worked so hard on it and for so long that it seems hard to believe the end is in sight at last!