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Friday, 28 May 2010

Douglas! Douglas!

I am really looking forward to my visit to Waterstone's in Chester tomorrow to sign copies of Regency Cheshire - I just hope the weather stays as sunny as it is today.
My feature on the story of the famous Douglas Clan has just been published in Discover My Past Scotland, so check it out if you need some tips on finding your Douglas ancestors.

Image: The legendary Catherine Douglas. She tried to bar the door against the ruthless assassins hunting James I. Catherine was one of Queen Joan’s maids of honour. The King died from many wounds, but Catherine survived, although her arm was broken. It’s said Catherine was afterwards known as Barlass (from ‘bar the door, lass’). Unknown artist, Pictorial Record of Remarkable Events, Frederick Warne & Co., 1896.


Southerner said...

Hi Sue,
Vic Sanbourne of Jane Austen Today mentioned your BLOG to me. I think it's great. I love your history sound bites. That arm in the door......ouch!!!!!!

The cover to your new book showing the Gothic temple (folly) reminds me of the one in Painshill Park Surrey just down the road from where I live.

All the best,
Tony (I live in Wimbledon)

Sue Wilkes said...

Hi Tony, thank you for your kind comments. That is very interesting - I did not know there was a similar temple at Painshill. The temple at Earl Grosvenor's Eaton Hall estate was built to showcase a Roman altar unearthed in Chester. The Gothic style was very popular in Regency Cheshire.
A big thank you to Vic, too, for drawing attention to my blog.