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Monday, 6 August 2012

Our Shetland Adventure

In July we enjoyed a very exciting week on Shetland - we’ve wanted to visit the islands for years, as they abound with wonderful wildlife and some of the UK’s most amazing historical sites.

On our very first morning, we saw two wild otters playing along the shoreline at Houss Ness – a really magical moment!
We stayed at a cottage on the roadside at Leebitton, and had a sea view. Often, when I went to put the kettle on, I could see seals swimming about outside! There was a little family of eider ducks, too, and they were out and about most days, keeping close to the shore for safety.
One of the highlights of our holiday was a ferry trip to the island of Mousa and its huge ancient and mysterious broch. As we climbed up the broch’s narrow stairs, we could hear the plaintive ‘clucking’ of storm petrels as they nestled inside its walls.

Who were the broch builders? Was it a defensive structure? Historians are still guessing…

Eider ducks at Sandwick.
Mousa Broch.
The author trying very hard not to fall off Mousa Broch.
One of the hundreds of friendly puffins at Sumburgh Head nature reserve.

© Sue and Nigel Wilkes.


Anonymous said...

A bit different from our holiday, but it looks fascinating!

Sue Wilkes said...

You probably had much warmer weather! We had all kinds of weather, including fog, but we had a lovely time!